Stina Bergsten: “Everyone must demand freedom for Öcalan”

Stina Bergsten, Solidarity with Kurdistan Norway:


I’m Stina Bergsten and I’m the co-leader of the organization Solidarity with Kurdistan Norway.

On behalf of Solidarity with Kurdistan I would like to show our support to the campaign for Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan. We’d like to thank our sisters and comrades in the UK union campaign and of course the Öcalan initiative for their great work.

Solidarity with Kurdistan Norway has been taking action and trying to put pressure on the release of Öcalan for years. We’ve been demonstrating, handing out flyers and writing letters to politicians.

The women’s movement and the Kurdish solidarity movement in Norway has been cooperating on many things. Standing together behind our demands has made us stronger and I urge other organizations to cooperate with other social movements on their issues.

We are happy for this initiative that has been launched and I think it will be a great way to put international pressure to call for the release of Öcalan. We will do everything we can to contribute, support and assist.

After more than 20 years in isolation everyone must demand freedom for Öcalan. We stand in solidarity, with Abdullah Öcalan, political prisoners and all people and movements who fight for democracy in Turkey.

Thank you.”