Mobile Öcalan Library in Hamburg

One of 22 minibuses touring Europe as mobile Öcalan libraries under the slogan “The time is ripe: Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan” is currently in Hamburg-Altona. Among the visitors is the left-wing politician Cansu Özdemir.

Parallel to the worldwide actions to mark the 22nd anniversary of the deportation of Abdullah Öcalan to Turkey, 22 minibuses are currently touring across Europe, Canada and Australia as mobile libraries with books by the Kurdish leader and other information material about his life.

One of the libraries, which is being set up under the slogan “The time is ripe! Freedom for Öcalan!” spreading the thoughts of the PKK founder worldwide, showed up in Hamburg this Friday. After a first stop at Hachmannplatz opposite the central station, the bus continued to the front of Mercado in the Altona district. There, the mobile library was welcomed by a crowd of guests. Among them was the co-chair of the Left Party in Hamburg’s parliament, Cansu Özdemir.

“Although Abdullah Öcalan continues to be regarded by the German government as an alleged terrorist, for the peoples of the world he is and remains a thinker and a philosopher,” Özdemir said. She thinks it is important that Öcalan’s paradigm meets society in Germany in this way. After all, it is his ideas that are bearing fruit in Rojava, Özdemir said.