Mobile libraries tour to spread the thoughts of Abdullah Öcalan worldwide

In order to make the philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan known worldwide, mobile libraries are touring Europe, Canada and Australia. In Germany, the bus tour has started in Bremen.

Until February 15, activities are taking place worldwide to mark the anniversary of Abdullah Öcalan’s deportation to Turkey 22 years ago. Due to the pandemic, decentralized actions have been announced instead of the traditional long march to Strasbourg. The kick-off is a rally on Friday in Hanau, which, according to Yüksel Koç, co-chair of the KCDK-E, will take place after a commemoration of the victims of the racist attack a year ago.

Three-day demonstrations are also planned in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Stuttgart and Cologne. Actions will take place around the world on Feb. 13. The Kurdish youth movement plans to organize torchlight marches on Feb. 14, and the women’s movement TJK-E plans to protest in front of Turkish and U.S. consulates on Feb. 15.

22 mobile libraries for 22 years of isolation

In parallel, 22 mobile Öcalan libraries are touring Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada and Australia. The campaign aims to spread the thoughts of Abdullah Öcalan worldwide.

One of the buses was in Oldenburg yesterday. On Friday, the Öcalan Library will come to Hamburg. Under the slogan “The time is ripe! Freedom for Öcalan!” the minibus will be at Hachmannplatz from 1 to 2:30 p.m. and in front of Mercado in Altona from 3 to 5:30 p.m. From February 8 to 10, one of the mobile libraries will tour Berlin.