Federico Venturini, Research Activist, Udine, Italy

My name is Federico Venturini, I live in Udine, Italy. and I am a research activist, supporting the campaign The moment has come: Freedom for Öcalan! A recognized leader of the Kurdish population, Öcalan has been incarcerated on the island of İmralı since 1999. When Öcalan left Syria he initially sought protection in Italy and, after his arrest, the Italian authorities accepted Öcalan’s request and guaranteed him the status of political refugee, a status still valid today. Öcalan’s freedom is fundamental for the peace of the whole Middle East. Currently, the Turkish government is conducting an expansionist policy and at the same time is repressing all forms of dissent, especially towards the Kurdish population and it’s just aspirations for freedom. The only solution is to create a table for peace. Öcalan has developed a political project based on respect for all minorities within the current state borders. Furthermore, his proposal is based on the central role of women and ecology. As a recognized leader of the Kurdish population, only Öcalan has the authority to sit at a table for a peaceful and lasting solution to the Kurdish question. Turkish repressive policies must be stopped to unlock a new era based on brotherhood.