Demonstrations worldwide: “The time is ripe – Freedom for Öcalan!”

Kurdish and internationalist people worldwide are demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan. The commitment is great, the forms of action are diverse.

Worldwide activities are taking place in the run-up to the anniversary of Abdullah Öcalan’s deportation to Turkey on February 15, 1999, under the slogan “The time is ripe – Freedom for Öcalan!”.

Car convoy in Sydney: Time for freedom

In Sydney, Australia, a convoy of cars demanded freedom for Öcalan. The action took place as part of the KCK campaign “End isolation, fascism and occupation: Time for freedom” and started in front of the Kurdish Community Center. Afterwards, dozens of cars drove in convoy for four hours through the city center and past the parliament back to the Kurdish center.

Demo in Marseille: Libérté pour Öcalan

In Marseille in southern France, the Kurdish youth movement TCŞ held an evening demonstration under the slogan “Libérté pour Öcalan – Bi Hev Re Serhildan!” (Freedom for Öcalan – Together for the Uprising).

Long march in France

A long march from Hennebont to Loirent took place in France. On the twenty-kilometer route, activists carried banners, distributed leaflets and shouted slogans. Along the way, letters were also sent to UN Secretary General António Guterres as part of the campaign initiated in South Africa. The letter campaign calls on the United Nations to commit to a solution to the Kurdish question and an end to Öcalan’s isolation.

Mobile Öcalan Library in Sweden

One of the 22 mobile libraries touring Europe, Canada and Australia with books by Abdullah Öcalan and other information material reached Malmö in southern Sweden on Saturday, after Stockholm, Uppsala, Örebro and Helsingborg. Today the bus is in Gothenburg.

Öcalan library and demonstration in Lucerne

A demonstration in Lucerne also marked the start of the tour of the mobile Öcalan library through Switzerland. Activists of the Kurdish women’s movement collected signatures for the “100 Reasons” campaign, which aims to achieve an international condemnation of Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan.

Letter writing campaign in London

In London, a march took place from the Kurdish Community Center to the post office in Harringey. There hundreds of letters were sent to UN Secretary General António Guterres.