Day three of the Long March demanding freedom for Öcalan

Kurds and internationalists are holding a Long March to condemn the international conspiracy on 15 February 1999 which led to the capture of Abdullah Öcalan. The second day of the march was in Frankfurt.

The Long March, which is traditionally organized every year by Kurds and internationalists from a German city in Strasbourg, has been organised in a different way this year to comply with the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

The action started on Friday with a rally in the city of Hanau and continued with a march in Frankfurt Bornheim on Saturday.

Today the rally will continue at 14:00 in Mainz Domplatz.

Internationalist groups from many countries in Europe sends solidarity messages to the Long March. From the Basque country, Askapena sent a message reminding that “Kurdish leader Öcalan has been detained in isolation on the island of Irmali since his capture in 1999. Öcalan’s captivity and isolation by Turkey means a blockade for its ideas and struggles and for the freedom of the Kurds.”

Askapena also underlined that “beyond Öcalan, the Turkish state has thousands of political prisoners locked up in prisons under harassment and torture. Many who have fought for the social and national freedom of the peoples within the Turkish state have historically been kidnapped, and continue to do so even increasing intensity. What’s more, political prisoners are still fighting from the inside — this time against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and the unbearable conditions in prisons, as they are immersed in hunger strikes for over 70 days.”

Askapena sent solidarity “to those of you who continue to fight in prisons. And to all the fighters in the Basque Country,

the call to continue the fight against the virus of international capital!”