Cizire Region Lawyers Association joins “Freedom for Öcalan” campaign

Cizire Region Lawyers Association has joined the “Freedom for Öcalan” campaign. The lawyers say they want to defend Öcalan in courts.

350 lawyers who are members of the Cizire Region Lawyers Association said in a statement on January 26 that they want to be the lawyer of Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The lawyers’ statement called on the UN, Amnesty International, Committee for the Prevention of Torture and the European Court of Human Rights to raise their voice on the isolation of Öcalan.


Speaking to ANHA on the subject, İdris Iso, a member of the Cizire Region Lawyers Association, defined isolation as an inhumane crime. “We want to play a role in the defense of Leader Öcalan. However, laws do not allow us to do so. Going to Turkey is not a problem. Even if we arrive there, they will not take us into courtrooms. International courts do not do their part, either. They act according to the interests of their own countries.”


Stating that they are always ready to defend Leader Öcalan, Iso said, “We see ourselves as Leader Öcalan’s lawyers. We will not remain silent even if we do not attend the hearings. The Turkish state is violating its own laws and international laws. Therefore, we apply to international institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights. Our requests have not yet been answered. But we will continue our calls for Öcalan. With this statement, we participate in the “Freedom for Öcalan” campaign. We will contact the Freedom for Öcalan Committee. We will be part of the committee and we will support their work.”

The “Freedom for Öcalan” campaign was launched by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) in 2020. The campaign has received support worldwide.