Virginia Benedetto – Argentine Journalist –

|| Virginia Benedetto ||

– Argentine Journalist –

To the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres

I ask for Ocalan’s freedom because with him peace in the Middle East is not just a wish but the possibility of its materialization.

I ask for freedom for Ocalan because his philosophy embraces all women of the world because he has understood that the freedom of women is the base from which the other freedoms that humanity needs

I ask for freedom for Ocalan because Ocalan beats in the heart of the Kurdish people

Because Ocalan is the heart of Kurdish people, who has endured and resisted with dignity to the unlimited oppression of one of the most powerful states in the world such as the Turkish state.

A people that has also faced ISIS, and has liberated the peoples of the region from ISIS

Thousands of militants gave their lives in the fight against ISIS, without hesitation with the conviction that men, women and children can have a free life, as it deserves to be lived.

For this reason the freedom of Ocalan is a fundamental step for the freedom of all the peoples of the world, and women in particular.

This February 15 marks another year of the unjust imprisonment of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan

Black day for Kurdish people. Black day for all the peoples of the world that struggle for their freedom

That is why this coming February 15, I hope it stops being a black day and is filled with colors

The colors of all the peoples of the region, who want to live together in peace and in the fight for dignity and freedom

¡Freedom for Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan!